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PhotoCheck - Taking valuations to the next level 

Improving the AVM Industry wasn't enough, We had to Revolutionize it!
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, PhotoCheck from Electronic Appraiser could help you save thousands of dollars.
Introducing PhotoCheck, one of the valuation industry's most innovative products, which goes one step further than a traditional automated valuation model (AVM) by offering a digital photo of a property. Not only can you get the timely accuracy of an AVM, but the satisfaction of knowing what the property looks like on the outside.
Save Money. Close Faster. Feel Confident.

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  PhotoCheck - The Next Level
When an AVM is not enough to make a risk decision and you need human intervention for confirmation, PhotoCheck provides the solution. Add an actual digital photo, taken by an objective and professional site inspector, and now you have all the proof you need to make your risk assessment. Site Inspectors will also provide an Economic Condition Analysis of each residential property. Nationwide coverage and a 3-5 business day turnaround time makes PhotoCheck the industry leader.
Multiple Uses for Multiple Industries
Banks, credit unions, and lending institutions use AVMs for home equity loans, credit lines, and even 1st mortgages! Now, the tough decisions are made easier with an actual photo of the property. Many lenders use PhotoCheck for auditing and loan compliance requirements. Insurance companies are using PhotoCheck for underwriting and casualty policies. When you need to know the current condition of a property, PhotoCheck is the absolute answer.
Real estate transactions close faster with our AVMs!
PhotoCheck reduces the time and costs associated with closing loans. Instead of waiting days, if not weeks, for an expensive appraisal or BPO (Broker Price Opinion), Electronic Appraiser's comprehensive PhotoCheck with AVM report brings confidence and accuracy with a significant cost and time savings.
"A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Dollars!"

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